hazelbaker rush is an internationally recognized architecture and design studio with a focus on creating modern objects, spaces, and experiences. We are a small, energized, creative studio based out of Tucson Arizona. Our Architectural ideas emerge from the understanding of place, history, context and culture.  We place great importance on the habitation of spaces that we conceive - a process that is continually evolving to engage the client, the user, the artisan, and the environment. Good design lies in a realm of experienced things and their making.

We pin up our ideas, take them down, converse, question, edit, refine, and explore new territory in our ideas and making.  We work closely with our clients to understand their needs, we ask questions, listen well, push toward boundaries and edges, we are deliberate and advocate for what is important, and we appreciate the complexity involved in constraints.

We have experience in residential and commercial design, historic preservation, interiors, master planning, urban infill, and custom fabrication at all scales. We strive for new conversations, new ideas, directions and points of view.  As the boundaries and context of architecture continues to shift, we engage with new technologies and create smart spaces combining vernacular design and construction strategies with modern, sustainable technology.