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Darci Hazelbaker

Originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, Darci was drawn to the vast sky of the West from an early age and moved to New Mexico in 1995 to study architecture at the University of New Mexico.  While in New Mexico she worked at the office of Antoine Predock Architect– where she learned to value the importance of place and tradition as tools in developing a process of design.  She and Dale moved to Tucson in 2005, where she continued to pursue her focus on craft and culture of place, which still informs her work today. 

In addition to Practice, Darci is currently a Lecturer at the University of Arizona as well as a licensed Realtor.  Her commitment to architecture takes a social dimension, with the mentoring of young architects, being a member of countless design juries and panels through the University, directing an outreach lecture series with the AIA, and she is currently a board member for the West University Zoning + Historic Advisory Board and the Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation.