Darci Hazelbaker and Dale Rush formed the partnership and strong design collaboration that soon became hazelbaker rush in 2009. They share a strong passion for the act of craft, while distilling the ideas behind this act to its simplest and most pure form. They arrived at this appreciation for the process of creating separately in the studios of Architecture schools in opposite corners of the country. 

Together they balance and complement the other’s skill set and personalities, and the body of work they have created together over the past 18 years speaks to that strong collaboration.  Experience of spaces and the objects within these spaces is the heart of good design.  Their collaboration pushes ideas further with the “what-if” questions that tend to develop and evolve good ideas into great designs, while grounding this exploration and evolution with a pragmatic understanding of the modern and traditional processes of craftmanship, and the creation of space and objects.


darci hazelbaker

dale rush